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How to Attract More Subscribers to Your Video Platform

It’s a fact: your video platform builds you the most traction through subscription services. Your subscribers are essentially your lifeblood, but if you’ve only started or are maybe struggling with your figures, there are solid steps you should take to overcome this challenge.

Offer free trials.

Many people are undecided about what platform to pick for a service, whether entertainment, e-learning, etc. Providing free trials offers them an experience of your platform, and as long as you live up to your promises, the odds of them staying is always high. – so they will keep paying beyond the free trial period.

Cater across different platforms and devices.

Keep your channel easy to locate and use, regardless of the device and platform people are using. Everybody wants the convenience of not having to move from one to another each time.

Provide subtitles and multiple audios.

If your platform’s reach is global, optimize it to accommodate your overseas audience, such as by providing subtitles in their local language. This will automatically increase your chances of nailing international subscriptions.

Stay in the industry loop.

The market is always changing and it’s crucial to keep your platform updated with all new features and offerings. Maintaining a fresh content library is one of the best ways to keep your subscribers engaged in the highly competitive VOD world.

Set smart rates.

A good tactic to keep in mind is to start off with low pricing and then go for gradual increases based on people’s interests and viewing habits. The idea is to provide options!The trick is to offer as many options as possible!The secret is to have lots of options available! Offer discounts to existing customers on pay-per-view model and offer a slightly higher rate for the same content. Let viewers pre-purchase/pre-order content that you intend to add to your platform later on.

Use the right audience insights platform.

Lastly, getting subscribers mainly depends on how you understand the wants and needs of your audience and adjusting your platform to suit that. By using a good audience insights platform, you can get various types of helpful data, such as who are watching your videos, which particular videos are popular, when they were watched, and where. Based on this information, you can easily create strategies that will increase your viewership and number of subscribers. A good audience insights platform will also offer you data through reports and charts, giving you a good view of your platform’s overall performance and helping you improve your pricing and promotion campaign, based on that input.

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