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Environment is anything surrounding human being. The condition of the environment greatly contributes to the human life where for example if the environment is polluted human health is also at risk. Soil air and water are some of the surroundings, soil supports plants life which help to clean the air during the day the plants absorb carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen this helps clean the air. Air pollution is caused by the release of toxic gases to the environment, this has greatly increased due to the increase in industries.

To keep their citizens safe different governments have come up with rules meant to reduce the environmental pollution for example industries should not be built near water bodies. Other things that lead to emission of toxic gases into the air are the vehicles some of the petroleum is of very low quality that leads to emission of smoke in the air and also due to rust the exhaust pipe of the vehicles get eaten away hence more toxic gases are emitted since they are not cleansed. The exhaust tube of the vehicles releases harmful gases from the combustion of the petrol when they combine with vapor, they form clouds which cause acid rains. Acid rains are very dangerous and they result to the following they lead to rusting of everything made of iron sheets, plants die, causes diseases to human life like cancer and failure of some body parts and skin disease, causes the death on organic animals since it pollutes the soil.

Vehicles have a different life time and when this ends, they are not in good condition to be on the roads this is because they can cause accidents and worse of all the engine emits harmful gases to the environment. Due to the presence of many vehicles that the owners have booked to be tested this company has devised a way to reduce congestion by testing those vehicles if they were bought on an even year they are also tested on even year and if they were bought on odd year they are tested also on odd year.

There is a company that has been licensed by the government their function is to provide services of emission testing to help reduce the vehicles emitting poisonous gases to the environment.
They have a website where their clients can visit to learn more information about their services, their clients can also subscribe to ensure that they get notifications of these services and also be informed when there are new services being offered. Contacting them is another way of reaching to them where the clients use the number in the website to contact them, to book for services or even to ask any question. They also have social media platforms where their clients can also follow them for any clarification, suggestions or comments on the quality of the services they have received they use this information to improve their services.

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